Adaptive Sports

Participating in sports and recreational activities is a fun way to be social and stay in shape. After sustaining a catastrophic disability, sports can become much more. Through even the smallest accomplishment on the field of play, individuals begin to experience abilities they didn't know they had. These seemingly insignificant personal successes compound to something much greater. They breed determination, persistence, and resilience. The medium of adaptive sports as a tool for spinal cord injury recovery is well documented. Make no mistake, engagement in adaptive sports & recreation can transform the human spirit and instill unbreakable hope and ambition.

Medical Equipment 

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Don't worry about navigating the maze of medical equipment and supplies on your own. Within the Dixie Lodge, Fusion Medical will help you find the best catheters, cushions, wheelchairs and everything else you need to support your road to recovery. Why does Fusion know best? Because the owners both have spinal cord injuries.