Aquatic Therapy

The use of aquatics to improve physical functioning is well documented. Being in water greatly reduces weight and impact during therapy while providing total body resistance, resulting in an adaptable environment that exercises a multitude of muscles simultaneously. Aquatic therapy can be utilized in conjunction with physical therapy to further improve functioning, strength, balance, mobility, and endurance. The on-site pool gives us easy access to a wide variety of aquatic exercises that complement other therapies and accelerate improvement.

Healthy Living: Fitness and Diet

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a common struggle for all individuals. After sustaining a catastrophic disability, exercise may seem to be limited to physical therapy. Participating in a fitness program can complement an individual’s rehabilitation program while creating healthy habits for daily exercise. Weekly workouts with a trainer coupled with dietary consulting is a sure way to promote a lasting healthy lifestyle. This programs gives individuals the resources and education needed to continue to eat well, promote physical functioning, and assist with weight loss.